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Homework at FMS

Homework in Falmouth Middle School encourages independent practice of skills and enrichment or review of concepts learned in class. 

Students’ daily amount of homework will vary but should not go beyond an hour of practice in total, not including independent reading and band/chorus practice. 

Independent reading and musical practice are important habits which are encouraged as a daily practice in addition to class homework. 

Students are responsible for keeping track of assignments with a system modeled and supported at school, such as google calendar. 

Teachers can be available for support during Flex and after school. Please see grade level WIPs for days teachers are available after school. 

FMS provides a quiet, supervised space for any student to work on homework independently between 2:30-3:30. 

A parent/caregiver’s responsibility can include support and encouragement as well as the reinforcement of the time limit to help students find a balance between schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and home life. 

Homework when a student is absent:
If a student is absent (planned or unplanned) please see Absence Expectations for guidance on communicating with teachers and making up work.