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7th Grade

staff members sitting and standing in a group

Welcome to FMS 7th grade!

We are thrilled to take this journey together, guiding our students through the middle of middle school!

In our team, we have two crews: Acadia and Baxter!

Our collective goal is to create an environment where curiosity thrives, projects flourish, and students are excited about both personal and academic development.

As we navigate the seventh grade curriculum, we want each lesson to encourage creativity and engagement. From hands-on science experiments to immersive museum projects, and from figuring out mathematical puzzles to deep diving into the world of literature, we take the opportunity to make every subject vibrant.

We focus on the importance of making learning enjoyable and memorable. We create interactive games, team challenges, and multimedia projects because we want our classrooms to be places where students are not only learning, but having fun in the process.

Here's to an exciting, engaging, and empowering 7th grade community!

- The 7th Grade Teachers!

7th Grade Crews

Baxter Crew

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Sally Bennett - Math
Email Mrs. Bennett


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Becky Holland - ELA
Email Mrs. Holland 


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Kyle Magaliff - Science
Email Mr. Magaliff


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Garrett Sanborn - Social Studies
Email Mr. Sanborn

Acadia Crew

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Aaron Broaddus - Math
Email Mr. Broaddus


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Derek Carroll - Social Studies
Email Mr. Carroll


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Sarah Dawson - Science
Email Ms. Dawson


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Ellen Santora - ELA
Email Ms. Santora

Cross-Crew Teachers

World Language

Elizabeth Holsinger - Spanish
Gail Turner - Spanish
Michelle Fournier - French
Nadra Wilke - French

Unified Arts

Jerry Barry - Band/Instrumentals
Larry Jackson - Band/Instrumentals
Simon Adams - Art
Meg Lovett - Art
Andy Davidson - Computer Science/STEM
Shawna Degen - Computer Science/STEM
John Hardy - Physical Education
Maureen Sylvia - Physical Education
Kendra Brown- Health
Raya Kouletsis - Health
Jonathan Pollock - General Music/Chorus
Lauren Murphy - General Music/Chorus

School Counselor

 Janelle Day - 7th Grade School Counselor
 Student Services Website

Special Services

Skyler Andersen - Special Education
Chris Taylor - Social Worker
Hollie Paul - Behavior Strategist
Diane Reid - Speech and Language
Tristin Krause - Resource Services
Sarah Skillin - Resource Services
Gabbi Simbari -Resource Services

MLL, GT, and RTI support 

Nicole Myers - MLL Teacher
Jilda Izzo - Gifted and Talented
Patty Sullivan - RTI Literacy
Joyce Hebert  - RTI Math
Janine Lambert - RTI Study Skills