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6th Grade

Welcome to FMS 6th Grade!

The 6th grade team is divided into two crews: Windjammers and Schooners.  Every Friday, your student's crew of teachers will update the "Week in Preview," outlining upcoming learning in class, informing families of upcoming events, and other weekly information. WIP's will be linked both in the Principal's Notes and on this 6th grade web page in the "Announcements/Resources" section.

Upcoming Events

See the full FMS Calendar

 Schooner Advisors

school photo of Mr Hall

Nathan Hall (Schooner team leader) - Science
Email Mr. Hall
6th Grade Science Curriculum 


school photo of Ms. Piveronas

Angela Piveronas - ELA
Email Ms. Piveronas


school photo of Mrs Hebert

Joyce Hebert-  Science
Email Mrs. Hebert


school photo of Ms. Tammen

Sara Tammen - Social Studies
Email Mrs. Tammen


school photo of Mr. Pollock

Jonathan Pollock- Music & Shawna Degen - Computer Science
Email Mr. Pollock  / Email Ms. Degen


school photo of Mr. Davidson

Andy Davidson- Computer Science
Email Mr. Davidson


school photo of Ms. Holsinger

Liz Holsinger- Spanish
Email Mrs. Holsinger
6th Grade Spanish Course Outline


Windjammer Advisors

School photo of Ms. Stiles

Barb Stiles (Windjammer team leader) - ELA
Email Mrs. Stiles


school photo of Mr Shain

Craig Shain - Math
Email Mr. Shain


school photo of Ms. Coppens

Katie Coppens- Science
Email Ms. Coppens
6th Grade Science Curriculum


school photo of Mr. Holmes

Mat Holmes- Social Studies
Email Mr. Holmes


school photo of Ms. Labbe

Christine Labbe- Special Education Services
Email Mrs. Labbe


school photo of Ms. Burks

Amber Burks- French & Spanish
Email Mrs. Burks
6th Grade French Course Outline
6th Grade Spanish Course Outline

school photo of Ms. Brown

Kendra Brown- Health
Email Ms. Brown



Unified Arts

Jerry Barry - Band/Instrumentals
Larry Jackson - Band/Instrumentals
Simon Adams - Art
Meg Lovett - Art
Andy Davidson - Computer Science/STEM
Shawna Degen - Computer Science/STEM
John Hardy - Physical Education
Maureen Sylvia - Physical Education
Kendra Brown- Health
Kathy Zema - Health
Jonathan Pollock - General Music/Chorus
Lauren Murphy - General Music/Chorus

Special Services

Chris Taylor - Social Worker
Hollie Paul - Behavior Strategist
Diane Reid - Speech and Language
Tristin Krause - Resource Services
Sarah Skillin - Resource Services
Gabby Simbari/Georgia Hill - Resource Services

ELL, GT, and RTI Support 

Nicole Myers - ELL Teacher
Jilda Izzo - Gifted and Talented
Patty Sullivan - RTI Literacy
Donna Albury  - RTI Math
Janine Lambert - RTI Study Skills

School Counselors

Student Services webpage

Janelle Day - School Counselor, 6th grade