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Emergency Information

Maine Crisis Hotline 1-888-568-1112 
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 
Crisis Text Line text HOME to 741741

FMS School Counseling Team

Welcome to Falmouth Middle School’s Counselor Corner!

School counselors are student advocates. We are here to support students in their academics, social, and family lives. School counselors help connect students to services, provide short term counseling, run groups, assist in the creation of Advisory/SEL programming, and promote equity for all students in our schools. Here at Falmouth Middle School we have two school counselors who follow their student case loads throughout the students’ careers at FMS.

If you need to set up a meeting with your school counselor, feel free to email them or come on down to the Student Services Office!

Department direct line: 207-781-9886


Matt Hamilton M.Ed
School Counselor 6th and A-L 7th

Mr. Hamilton has been with the Falmouth School District since 2017 when he joined Falmouth Middle School as a school counselor. Prior to coming to Falmouth, Mr. Hamilton spent 12 years at Bath Middle School as a school counselor and two years at Harpswell Coastal Academy as a principal. He loves working with students and parents to help them navigate the middle school years. Outside of school, Mr. Hamilton loves coaching soccer and baseball, watching his kids play sports, skiing with them, and anything that allows him to unplug in nature. His happy place is at the lake. 

Janelle Day M.Ed
School Counselor M-Z 7th and 8th

Mrs. Day joined Falmouth School District in 2020 when she became a school counselor at FMS. Prior to coming to FMS, Mrs. Day was a middle school counselor in Colorado. Mrs. Day enjoys building personal connections with her caseload of students, teaching counselor classes, and working to improve policies and curriculum that supports students SEL growth and development. When Mrs. Day is not at school, you can find her outside, where she enjoys hiking, running, biking, skiing, and horseback riding!

Julie Mercer 

Mrs. Mercer runs the show in Student Services and knows the ins and outs of Falmouth Middle School, having been here since 2006. If you are registering your student or have questions about how our schedule works, she is your person! When Mrs. Mercer is not at FMS, you can find her sailing the open seas, enjoying spending time at  her camp in Western Maine, or reading cookbooks and trying new recipes!