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Winter Sports

FMS Athletics Schedules

Game schedules for all FMS sports are listed below. Practice schedules are available on individual team pages.

Team Opponent Date Time Location Advantage Details Status
Lacrosse - Girls Grade 7 vs.
York Middle School
Falmouth High School Home Details about Lacrosse - Girls Grade 7
Baseball - Boys Grade 7 vs.
South Portland Middle School
Mahoney Middle School Away Details about Baseball - Boys Grade 7
Baseball - Boys Grade 8 vs.
Oxford Hills Middle School
Falmouth Supt. Office Field Home Details about Baseball - Boys Grade 8
Softball - Girls Grade 7-8 vs.
Oxford Hills Middle School
Falmouth Middle School Home Details about Softball - Girls Grade 7-8
Lacrosse - Boys Grade 7 vs.
King Middle School, Lincoln Middle School
Fox Street Field Away Details about Lacrosse - Boys Grade 7

Registration and Waivers

Online Registration

Athletics Registration is now available! All students participating in Falmouth Middle School athletics must have a parent/guardian complete the athletics registration form in PowerSchool. Visit the registration page for more information.

Online Transportation Form

The transportation form is live on Powerschool. Parents/Guardians can log into Powerschool and sign the transportation form for their students to be able to ride in a private vehicle. This is important to have during our bus driver shortage and may need to use private vehicles to transport teams to events.

The form is located under "Forms" on the left side of the screen. It should be available on desktop and also on the app. At the HS, parents/guardians had more luck on the desktop. If you have any issues accessing Forms on the app, try uninstalling the app and reinstall to the most current version.

After clicking on Forms, you will see the choice "Private Transportation Authorization and Permissions." Click on this option and you will see a Form with choices for if your child can ride in a private vehicle to and from sporting/school sponsored events. Complete the form and MAKE SURE TO HIT THE SUBMIT BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM!

Middle School Sports Options

The following sports are offered at Falmouth Middle School. Select a sport to access the middle school schedules and coaching information. Other competitive and non-competitive athletics are available through programs in the community. Visit the Community page for more information. 


Team Game Schedules

View the full FMS Athletics Calendar. Individual team game schedules are available by clicking on the team name in the list above or in the website's top navigation under "Teams & Schedules." Printable versions of the schedules are available on each team's page and with the full FMS Athletics Calendar.


Practice schedules will be announced by each head coach.


See the FMS Coaches list and contact information.


Falmouth Middle School is part of the Southern Maine Middle School Athletics Association. Visit the SMMSAC website for league rules.


Q: Where are the FMS practice and game fields?
A: Most of the FMS teams practices and home games are on the Falmouth Schools campus. Some teams, such as swimming and skiing practice at off-campus locations. Refer to the team's schedule page for game location information. Visit the field locations page for addresses and field maps. 

Q: Where do students put their practice and game gear during the day?
A: Coaches will let students know where they can store their gear during the day if it is too big for to fit in their locker. For example, lacrosse gear goes in a storage locker room next to the small gym and there is a closet near the large gym for alpine ski team gear.

Q: Is there a late bus students can take after practices?
A: A late bus is available each day except Wednesday early release days and Fridays.

Q: If a student signs up for a team with the coach and attended the coach's meeting, are they all set?
A: No. A parent/guardian needs to register each child through the Falmouth School registration form available in PowerSchool. This includes a $100 fee for the year. Read more about registration and scholarship information.

Q: Do students need to provide their own equipment?
A: Equipment needs vary by sport and there are league rules that must be followed. For example, soccer players must have shin guards. Coaches will provide students with information about sport specific needs. If a student wants to participate in a sport, but cannot access the required equipment, please contact Maureen Sylvia, the FMS Athletic Coordinator by email or by calling 207-781-3740

Q: What happens if a student is injured?
A: If an injury happens at a practice or game, the coach will contact the student's parent/guardian. If a student is injured outside of a school related activity, the parent/guardian should contact the FMS school nurse by email or by calling 207-781-1020 and Maureen Sylvia, the FMS Athletic Coordinator by email or by calling 207-781-3740